Ciao Italia!!


Skirt: BCBG (bought it 2 years ago) Top: TJ Maxx; Bag: Rebecca Minkoff; Shoe: Steve Madden; Sunglasses: Versace

Ciao ROMA!!!

I am currently in Italy with my sister (Allie) and we are having a blast! OMG… Italy is amazing in person. The people, atmosphere, FOOD, everything is just as incredible as i’d imagine.

We literally are going to try everything from pastas to wine to gelato (I heard the gelato from Grom in Florence is an absolute must… can’t wait to try it) and of course pizza! So far the language barrier hasn’t been a struggle, I took a little bit of Italian so I kind of know the basics. What I’m mostly excited for is to see the Colosseum, Fontana di Trevi, Vatican, and to party with the Italians. Anyone else think Italian men are hot.. their accents *swoon*

This has been on my bucket list forever and I’m so happy my lovely older sister decided to surprise me with a three week vacation in this beautiful country. Tomorrow’s agenda consists of a food walking tour and a lot of club hoping. More pics to come!

Have a great day everyone!



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