Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice


Iceland is honestly a winter wonderland and it’s beautiful, perhaps one of the most magical places I’ve ever visited. The country was grand, wild, mystical… and just really insanely beautiful and the experience was like no other. I started becoming obsessed with traveling to Iceland from watching the show “Vikings” on the history network (how hot are Travis Fimmel and Alexander Ludwig 😝). My interested sparked and I began researching the country for at least six months before deciding to book a trip for my sister and I.

I decided it was best to visit in December when I would be done my first semester of grad school, and I really wanted to just travel during to holiday season to see how other people celebrate during the season. Also, I thought it was the most ideal time to visit a place nicknamed “Land of Fire and Ice.”

In early December, the skies were clear and the sun only rose to the horizon around 11:00am. It didn’t get very bright, and it was incredibly cold, but that all adds to the charm of the city. It felt weird because I wasn’t use to darkness but it was a beautiful experience.

The first thing Allie and I always do when we get to a country is to go a walking tour of the city so we can get familiar with it. I highly recommend the “free” walking tour where at the end of the tour you decide what to give the tour guide. They offer great recommendation for places to eat and things to do. Our first night there we went chasing after the infamous Northern Lights and while we did get to “see” them, they weren’t as intense as it could’ve been and i was sadly disappointed.

The next day, we went on a tour of the Golden Circle, which included seeing Thingvellir, Gullfoss waterfall and Geyser. Gullfoss is one of the biggest waterfalls in Iceland, and I couldn’t help but take tons of photos, like any other tourist. Just looking at these photos brings back the sound and feeling I had when I was there. I was really excited and humbled because I’m such a nature person and I literally couldn’t believe that I was blessed to be able to see such a spectacular place.

The last thing  I wanted to do in Iceland was to visit the infamous Blue Lagoon, which is a geothermal spa. It’s very touristy but I highly recommend this place and I’d definitely go again, and again, and again and every time I visit Iceland. We stayed here all day soaking our bodies in the spa that’s filled with sulfur and silica which is suppose to be amazing for your skin. We had an amazing lunch at the LAVA Restaurant and decided to go back into the water.

I can honestly say that the  Blue Lagoon is worth the hype. This is somewhere that everyone has either been or is dying to go to and should be added to your bucket list, if it’s not already on there. In honesty, it was the best part of the trip for me, and a huge highlight. Such a surreal experience, when you’re relaxing in your bikini in a hot icy blue lagoon, with barely any sunlight and snow is falling onto your face (seriously my eyelashes had ice on them). One tip for the lagoon is to make sure you get there either at 9 or 10am and to book/buy your ticket in advance. Though you will wait in a small line, it will you will beat the huge lunch crowd plus being early has it’s get straight into the lagoon as the sun is coming up, which really adds to it in the winter months!

The Icelandic people were really friendly and just seemed so happy. An interesting thing that I learned is that the typical Icelander speaker three languages, which are old vikings, english, and dutch.

Overall, this was an incredibly magical place of heaven on earth … So dreamy and mystical.  Simply an unforgettable place. ❤️

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