Hi! My name is Brendalyn (like Gwendolyn). Born in West Africa and raised in Philadelphia and currently traveling and become a citizen of the world with my older sister Allie. My birthday is March 14 (same as Albert Einstein haha) and I’m the epitome of a Pisces and also very into astrology. I cannot live without music, good coffee (ok… cappuccino), chocolate (only if it’s Belgian), champagne and the occasional wine (red, please!)

Here are some fun facts about me

1) I love Gelato (especially when in Italy and only from Grom)

2) Deathly afraid of heights but I love flying, but only if I have a window seat

3) I love spicy food. Level of spiciness = angry Thai mother please

4) My favorite movies of all time are anything with Al Pacino (my soulmate)

5) I am most comfortable in a pair of ripped jeans, a plain white tee, red lips and black heels.

6) I have coarse, curly hair (yes I’m a naturalista)  that I am not so fond of because of major shrinkage and the fact that I cannot achieve the perfect wash and go… like EVER! But I will post with my natural hair so stay tuned!

Want to get in touch? Email me at b_lyn12@yahoo.com


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